Euonymus japonicus 'Aureus'

euonymus japonicus aureus

Euonymus japonicus 'Aureus' is a most uncommon shrub, but one that is ideal as a screening plant, hedge or specimen shrub. The vivid green and gold leaves add colour throughout the year.

Euonymus japonicus 'Aureus' will grow to approximately 3-4 metres in height and width, or can be trimmed down to 2 metres if grown as a hedge. This is an ideal screening plant because it will form a very dense thicket when trimmed regularly, thus obscuring any view. It can even be grown against a wall because unlike most plants it will grow against the wall rather than leaning away from it.

Euonymus japonicus 'Aureus' requires little watering once established and is fully frost tolerant. Insignificant white flowers can be seen in summer.

Please note: Due to quarantine laws, plants cannot be supplied to customers in the states of Western Australia or Tasmania or outside Australia.