Chinese Cabbage (Pak Choi)

pak choi

Variously known as pak choi, bok choy or Chinese cabbage, this species is a popular substitute for spinach. The young leaves are excellent chopped or diced in salads whilst the older leaves can be incorporated into stir-fries. Pak choi will grow to approximately 25-30cm in height.

Prior to planting in late summer or autumn, thoroughly prepare the garden bed with plenty of organic matter such as compost and fertilise well. Cabbages grow best in a sunny position and plants should not be allowed to dry out in the warmer months.

In Chinese, this species is known as 油菜. The scientific name of this species is Brassica rapa var. chinensis.

Please note: Due to quarantine laws, plants cannot be supplied to customers in the states of Western Australia or Tasmania or outside Australia.