Cauliflower 'Snowball'

cauliflower snowball

Cauliflower 'Snowball' is an early-maturing variety grown for its medium-size heads. In Victoria, cauliflowers should ideally be planted in mid to late summer for best results in winter.

Prepare the soil thoroughly with lots of compost and/or well-rotted manure before planting seedlings. Ensure that seedlings receive ample water and plenty of fertiliser throughout summer and autumn to stimulate vigorous growth in the warmer months. During winter, flower heads will form which are harvested for eating.

Being a member of the cabbage family (Brassicaceae), cauliflowers will need to be protected from the green larvae of cabbage white butterflies (Pieris rapae). If the number of larvae become too numerous to remove manually, spray with Yates Dipel® (a naturally-occurring bacterium that kills caterpillars but is harmless to all other insects or animals). Numbers of larvae will naturally fall as the season becomes cooler.

The botanical name of this purple cauliflower is: Brassica oleracea var. botrytis subvar. cauliflora 'Snowball'


Image by Liz West CC BY 2.0

Please note: Due to quarantine laws, plants cannot be supplied to customers in the states of Western Australia or Tasmania or outside Australia.