Tomatoes for Spring 2016

2 September 2016

Spring is finally here. The super-cold nights of winter have passed and the temperatures are slowly increasing again. Life is returning to the garden and that means that it's time to plant tomatoes.

We're already famous for the unique and unusual plants that we sell but we're especially excited because we're adding two new cultivars to our range of tomatoes. Yes, we did that last year but we can't help ourselves and we've added two more!

Introducing 'Black Russian' and 'Ram's Horn'

Last year, we received hundreds of requests for 'Black Russian', so we're especially pleased to be able to announce that we'll be selling this famous heirloom variety in 2016.

As the name suggests, 'Black Russian' has a dark colour. It's not quite black but rather an exceptionally deep purple colour. Not only does it look good on the plate, but it also tastes great. 'Black Russian' has quite a complex flavour and a somewhat creamy texture which makes it ideal as a salad tomato.

Our other new release is a Roma-type tomato called 'Ram's Horn'. If you're looking for a delicious novelty tomato that will impress your friends and family, then this is the tomato for you!

'Ram's Horn' has an unusual elongated shape, almost reminiscent of a long pepper. It's flavour would be quite familiar to most people and its suited to preserving, sauce-making or eating fresh in salads and sandwiches.

All your other favourites

If neither 'Ram's Horn' or 'Black Russian' appeal, we'll be returning with our other favourites from past years, including:

Now is the time to prepare your garden

As spring arrives, now is the time to prepare your garden for tomatoes. Make sure you cultivate your soil well and add lots of compost and manure. Allow the garden to rest for a week before planting.

tomato seedling

Once you plant your tomatoes, apply a 10cm thick layer of mulch to help maintain soil moisture through the dry summer. Tomatoes perform best when they're well watered and fertilised regularly. We recommend an application of a liquid fertiliser every two weeks for best results, such as Thrive®, Aquasol® or Miracle-Gro®. Several applications of urea in the early stages can also help stimulate vegetative growth.