It's time to plant winter veggies

5 April 2017

As the nights become cooler and the days become shorter, it's now time to plant your winter vegetables. Growing many winter vegetables is very easy and Plants by Adam can give you all the advice that you need to have a successful winter crop.

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One of the key ingredients for a successful vegetable garden is a well-prepared soil. Make sure that your garden is located in a sunny position (even if it is winter!) and that the soil is well-supplemented with compost and composted manure. Dig these in to a depth of 30 cm before planting. Once the seedlings have been planted, we recommend a 10 cm layer of sugar-cane mulch around the plants to suppress weed growth. A top dressing of urea (a high-nitrogen fertiliser) will ensure rapid growth before the deep cold of winter.

Plants by Adam are selling a wide variety of winter vegetables which you can plant right now. Our lines include:

Come along to one of our markets during April and May for expert advice and quality seedlings.