Getting into the swing

6 February 2016

Here at Plants by Adam, we've been working hard over the summer break to bring an ever-expanding range of novel and exciting plants to our customers. As we get into the swing of 2016, we'll be introducing some new species into our range, ensuring that no visit to one of our stalls is ever disappointing.

Here's a preview of just some of the plants we'll be introducing:

Ajuga 'Arctic Fox'

ajuga arctic fox

We're really excited about this one because it's exceptionally rare and yet so beautiful. There are few variegated ground covers available let alone one which looks so striking. Sitting above the striking cream and green foliage site deep purple flowers. Ajuga reptans 'Arctic Fox' only grows to 10cm but will leave quite an impact in your garden.

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Brachyscome 'Brasco Violet'

brachyscomb brasco violet

Talk about stunning flowers! Brachyscome angustifolia 'Brasco Violet' will impress you with its bright and cheerful blooms. 'Brasco Violet' is deal for colouring gardens or growing in a hanging basket or container.

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Cuphea 'Tiny Mice'

cuphea tiny mice 02

Cuphea llavea 'Tiny Mice' is one of those plants that captures everyone's attention, and for very good reason. The red and purple flowers really do look like tiny mice! This beautiful perennial shrub will grow to approximately 40cm in height and spread to 60cm in width and likes a sunny position.

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Agastache 'Raspberry Daiquirí'

agastache raspberry daiquiri

Agastache aurantica 'Raspberry Daiquirí' is a petite shrub growing to a mere 40cm in height. It's multitudes of tiny red-pink tube-shaped flowers will charm you. 'Raspberry Daiquirí' is ideal for containers and rockeries.

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There's more to come...

Stay tuned to our blog for details of more plant releases. Of course the best way to stay in touch is to come and visit us at one of our stalls.