Extended trading hours at Eltham Market

Commencing from Sunday 15 November 2015, the Eltham Community Craft and Produce Market will be trading for extended hours before Christmas as part of a three-month trial.

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Plants by Adam will be trading at the Eltham Market from 8:30am until 1:15pm, rather than the usual 12:30pm. Both the market organisers and the traders believe that this will provide extra convenience to customers, especially as Christmas approaches.

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Asian Herbs for Spring

Authentic asian cooking relies on authentic asian ingredients. There are many herbs common to asian cuisine that are not easily available to Australian gardeners, but thankfully Plants by Adam have an extensive selection of asian herbs and veggies available now.

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Happy first birthday!

It was warm and sunny on Saturday 30 August 2014 when Kerya and Adam opened their very first Plants by Adam stall at the Essendon North Craft Market in Melbourne's north-west. This weekend marks Plants by Adam's first birthday and a year on, the business has grown substantially from those humble beginnings.

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Tomatoes for Spring 2015

Here at Plants by Adam, we're feeling very cheerful because spring is here and that means that it's tomato season!

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The Handmade Show

Plants by Adam are pleased to announce that we'll be attending The Handmade Show for the very first time this Saturday 18 July 2015 from 10:30am until 3:30pm.

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Spotting Quality

Here at Plants by Adam, we take the quality of our products very seriously. Love and care is put into every seedling or plant that we produce to ensure that our customers get the very best results from our products.

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"Can I plant this now?"

One of the most common questions we receive when selling plants at market is whether the plants that we sell should be planted at that this time of the year.

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Vegetables to plant for winter

As the last of the summer heat passes and the mornings start to become cooler, it's now time to get ready and plant the majority of winter vegetables. Some very simple preparation will ensure success and you'll be rewarded with all the ingredients you need to make hearty soups, tasty dishes or winter salads.

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February: Time to plant cauliflowers

Although it still feels like its the middle of summer, now is the time to plant the first of the winter vegetables - cauliflowers. Whilst other brassicas can be planted from next month, now is the time to plant cauliflower to guarantee the best crop in winter.

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Tips for Effective Watering

Throughout summer, gardeners often struggle to keep the water up to their plants. Watering can seem like a never-ending task, but with these few tips your watering technique can become much more efficient and less time-consuming. Your plants will look better, too.

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